Announcement of cooperation between “UpTextile” & the municipality of Lykovrisi – Pefki!

The Municipality of Lykovrisi – Pefkis collaborates with TAG GREEN, EDEM (Association of Graduate Greek Women Engineers) and the National Technical University of Athens for the implementation of the project “Textiles – We give a new life – UpTextile”. The project is also supported by NoWaste21 and Recycom.

The “UpTextile” project was approved in July 2021 by the Green Fund and aims to raise awareness among students, citizens and institutions on issues related to the prevention-reuse-recycling of textiles (clothes, fabrics, shoes, belts, etc.) with a parallel pilot application of source separation of textiles.

The project activities addressed to students are:

  • Survey to record and assess the knowledge, awareness and practical application of prevention, reuse and recycling of textiles among students
  • A guide to the circular economy for textiles, which will be distributed to students and contains basic information, benefits and guidelines on waste prevention, behaviour change, opportunities for reuse and upcycling and recycling of textiles.
  • Presentation for students on the “Circular Economy and Zero Waste” with special reference to textiles, for which “NoWaste21”, a non-profit environmental company, is licensed by the Ministry of Education for the educational programme “Circular Economy and a Waste-Free Future”.
  • Placement of bins for the collection of textiles, which will be placed in primary schools of the Municipality. Students and staff will be able to place clothing, shoes, etc. that they do not need, so that they can be forwarded for reuse, processing and recycling.
  • Clothing upgrading – upcycling activities in the TAG Green workshop. There will be a visit to the “TAG Green” upcycling workshop, in which students from primary schools of the Municipality of Lykovrysi-Pefki will participate, while the results of the project will be presented at a final conference in December 2022.


The Mayor of Lykovrisi-Pefki and Secretary General of the PED of Attica Tasos Mavridis said: ‘We use every program and every cooperation in order to stimulate even more the already great interest of our fellow citizens for recycling. Especially the students, who are the new generation of our municipality, are actively involved in all these initiatives we are undertaking. For this I would like to thank all the partner organisations in this programme and the school community for their response. We continue to strive for an even cleaner and even greener city. “.