Tag Green is a social cooperative enterprise founded in 2017 by volunteers and employees of IASIS NGO. The basic need that pushed the founders to create Tag Green is the fight against extreme poverty found in socially excluded groups.

Tag Green is active in the field of social economy, promoting innovation in a new field such as energy reproduction, technical work, conversions (Upcycling) and recycling work based on the green approach to the use and recycling of materials. The business activity of the cooperative aims to train professionals, in order to integrate and promote within the companies the culture of ecological consciousness. but using terms of social economy, thus achieving the dual approach of Social-Environmental benefit for society. The people who are part of the social cooperative workforce come mainly from vulnerable social groups, who are very close to the period of economic crisis. The main goal is to fight social and economic exclusion, with the main priority of integrating or reintegrating vulnerable people into the socio-economic reality of the country.

Greek Women’s Engineering Association (EDEM) was founded in 1995, by women qualified engineers, members of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE). It is a scientific, non-profit association accounting to 1.400 members, operating along the Technical Chamber of Greece as well as the business and sectoral Associations of Engineers, completing and strengthening their own actions to solve specific issues of women engineers.

The purposes of GWEA include:

  • Advancing women in the field of engineering.
  • Promoting the principals and create provisions for equality between women and men in employment, education and society in general.
  • Doing research into the status of women and the engineering environment and also into problems concerning women engineers and subsequently, seeking solutions.
  • Co-operating with other organizations (national & International), which are involved in similar issues.
  • Improving conditions for women practicing engineering as a profession.
  • Encouraging community awareness on employment opportunities for womenin the traditionally male dominated profession of engineering.
  • Developing an information unit to support women engineers concerning employment opportunities, training and professional experience
  • Realization of training and development programs to enhance women engineers’ chances of employment
  • Encouraging and promoting activities of women engineers beyond their professional sphere. These can include artistic creation, cultural activities and improvement of quality of life in general.

National Technical University of Athens, School of Rural, Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering, Laboratory of Natural Geography and Environmental Impact

The Laboratory of PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY & ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (PHYGEO_ENVI LAB) was established in 1999 and since then serves the educational and research needs of the School of Rural, Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering (SRSGE) in the National Technical University of Athens, in the management of natural environment. The PHYGEO_ENVI LAB provides the knowledge base at research areas of environmental planning, natural resources management, water-energy-food-ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus and Environmental impact assessment.

Since its establishment, the Hellenic Center for Environmental Impact (EKPE), part of the Network of Environmental Impact Centers of the European Union, has joined the Laboratory. The PHYGEO_ENVI LAB participates in H2020 and LIFE and various national projects