Project objectives

The project is implemented in partnership with TAG GREEN, Greek Women’s Engineering association and
National Technical University of Athens (Special Account Research Fund- School of Rural, Surveying and
Geoinformatics Engineering (SRSE) – Laboratory of Natural Geography and Environmental Impact. Εach
participating organization offers its expertise and input for the smooth and insightful implementation of the
project. Uptextile project aims to inform, educate and promote good circular economy practices concerning textile management, through educational activities for students, citizens and stakeholders as well as by offering easier access to disposal sites for textiles. The core objective of this effort is to strengthen national policies for the implementation of a separate collection of textiles, but also for textile reduction, reuse, processing, and recycling.

In that respect, Uptextile project, financed by the Green Fund, aims to tackle the issue of textile surplus, by
setting four main objectives:
 Improve the efficiency of resources in the textiles throughout the entire value chain (production, use,
processing, disposal).
 Strengthen national policies in the implementation of separate collection.
 Advocate towards adopting the circular economy model concerning textiles by raising awareness
 Promoting the concepts of prevention, reuse, processing, recycling for students, citizens and stakeholders

The project will establish its activities in the Municipality of Lykovrisi-Pefki, and will focus on 5 key actions:

  1. Management actions – project management, monitoring of results & compilation of progress reports
  2. Training Information & Awareness Actions – Informative video, educational material, organization of 2
    bazaars and the ‘’Uptextile Fashion’’ event,
  3. Pilot implementation actions in the Municipality of Lykovrysi-Pefki – Installation of 5 special bins for
    separate collection of textiles in Primary schools and 5 special bins for separate collection in the” Iliako
    Chorio “, as well as implementation of a pilot application,
  4. Implementation of dynamic workshops for textile management, upcycling activities, drafting of a policy
  5. Publicity activities -capitalization of results, organization and conduct of a final conference concerning
    the progress of the project and its effectiveness.
    Expected actions:
    • The actions that will be implemented within the project are:
    • Information, education and awareness actions through the creation of the project website, information video,
    manual, educational presentations to students (with the support of NoWaste21), which will be distributed to
    students of the 6 Primary Schools of the Municipality of Lykovrysi-Pefki
    • Organization of a clothing exchange Bazaar and an “upcycling” event for textiles with the participation of local
    organizations and citizens in order to educate and facilitate the reuse and / or disposal of fabrics
    • Pilot application with the installation of 10 specially designed bins, for the collection of fabrics 5 bins in
    primary schools and another 5 in the area “Solar Village”, for easier access to the public.
    • Participatory dialogue actions with stakeholders – Live Workshops